5 Best Email Marketing Tips for 2023

January 2, 2023


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“Do people even read emails anymore?”

I get this question pretty much every time I tell someone they should be using email marketing. And the answer is YES! People do read emails… when they’re written well.

While I understand the hesitation to add yet another thing to your marketing strategy, email marketing remains one of the BEST platforms when it’s used effectively. 

So without further ado here are 5 best email marketing tips to create an intentional, powerful, and FUN strategy heading into 2023!

1. Focus on VALUE

Part of why the idea that people no longer read emails is so commonplace is because truthfully, people receive a lot of emails that are just not good. We’ve all been there – when your inbox is flooded with spammy emails full of click-bait subject lines. And it’s gross.

But there is power in creating GOOD emails. Emails that bring your audience major value and that are enjoyable to read. These are the emails your audience will look forward to reading, and they’re the ones you want to be sending in 2023.

Not sure where to start? Here are some ideas for creating value-packed emails: 

  • Share actionable tips your dream clients can benefit from implementing
  • Make your emails fun to read – incorporate storytelling to help your audience connect with you in some way
  • Share something you’ve recently learned – being a business owner is often a hard and lonely journey. Your dream clients want to feel like they relate to you, so share a vulnerable moment of growth or something you were recently challenged by

2. Use Subject Lines that Stand Out

Creating a powerful subject line is a great way to build intrigue, catch people’s attention, and increase open rates. Here are some ideas and examples of types of subject lines that will help you stand out in a crowded inbox:

Build Curiosity

  • Are you making this mistake…?
  • She said WHAT?!

Display Value

  • More (the thing they want) in 2 clicks


  • Are you missing this step?
  • Have you tried this proven (area you help people with) hack?

Each of these examples are designed to help you stand out to your audience, but an important note to remember is they’re NOT meant to be click-bait. Using click-bait is a sure fire way to get your audience disinterested in your emails real fast. Remember to be authentic and view these ideas as just that: ideas. Ultimately, use subject lines that feel good and fun to YOU.

3. Use Your Brand Voice and Have Fun!

Email marketing is WAY more effective when it’s fun! People don’t want to read another boring email. They want to read something that feels fresh, unique, and ultimately worth their time to read. Here are some ways you can do this:

Use Your Brand Voice

Be YOU! By infusing your personality into your email copy, you’ll be building a much more engaged audience.

Use GIFs and Memes

I’m a firm believer that there’s a perfect GIF for every email topic. Lighten things up by choosing on-brand GIFs or memes to make your emails more fun! To make your brand more memorable and recognizable, try to stick to GIFs or memes from 1-2 of your favorite shows.

4. Create Valuable Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are a great way to build your email list with the right subscribers. They help you attract your dream clients, build relationships with them, and open up opportunities to eventually work with them.

When it comes to creating lead magnets, here are some things to consider:

  • Start with the end in mind – what is the goal of this lead magnet? 
  • How is it providing value to your dream clients? 

For more ideas on how to attract the right subscribers, check out this blog: 10 Easy Ways to Grow Your Email List.

5. Sequences

Sequences are a really important part of creating an effective email marketing strategy. Not only do they save you tons of time because they’re automated, they’re also great for marketing specific types of subscribers effectively. For example, if you have a subscriber that signs up for a specific lead magnet, you can create a relevant and helpful sequence to accompany that lead magnet. This provides them with further value and may also open up an opportunity to sell.

Other important sequences you should set up include a Welcome Email Sequence and Sales Sequences for your various offers.

Feeling ready to give your email marketing a major facelift for 2023? The Email Marketing Party is just the thing for you. This interactive mini course will help you write like a pro, build a community that’s excited to hear from you, and give you the confidence to create an email marketing strategy that works for you.

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