Interactive copywriting workshops for entrepreneurs who want to
upgrade their copy + make more sales

The Copy Party:
A Workshop Series

You're amazing at what you do.

Your words should make that clear to everyone.

Quarterly Workshop Series 


From sales pages to sales email sequences and selling on social media, you'll feel confident knowing what to include, what to leave out, and how to sell with confidence


third quarter

Identify your most aligned client, get clear on your mission + vision, and put all the passion and skill you have to work for your business with clear, consistent brand messaging.

first quarter

second quarter

This is the big one! Writing clear, compelling website copy can feel intimidating... but it won't after you master the tips and use the templates you're getting in this workshop series!


fourth quarter

Brand Messaging

prioritize your business + upgrade your copy

Get everything you need to make money with your email. Each session focuses on a different type of email, so you get the templates, strategies, + subject lines you need to succeed.

→ A blueprint for how many emails to send, what to include, and when to send them 

→ Powerful segmenting tips to make the most of every new subscriber now and in the future

→ Email templates you can easily customize to save time and make sure your brand voice shines through in every message

→ A custom plan for future nurture sequences to use in your business

you're getting:

It's time to connect and sell.

Learn all the structure and strategy behind an effective welcome sequence that turns new subscribers into engaged buyers and targeted nurture sequences that increase conversions.

Welcome +
Nurture Sequences

April session

→ A clear understanding of the difference in a one-time sales email and a full-blown sales email sequence (those come next quarter!)

→ Professional copy tips + techniques for selling without feeling like you're selling

→ Do's and don'ts for following up without being pushy or annoying

→ One key phrase that will increase your sales and response rate 

you're getting:

Watch your sales skyrocket when you learn how to write an engaging sales email paired with some strategic followup. This decidedly "non-salesy" way of selling is simple, direct, and never feels icky. 

One-time Sales Emails and the
Art of the Followup


→ Two customizable, repeatable email formats that will save you loads of time 

→ Formulas for writing scroll-stopping subject lines for more opens

→ Tips for delivering value in fun, unexpected ways your readers will love 

→ Writing techniques and strategies to make your email content more engaging 

You're getting:

If you want to consistently email your subscribers or stop wasting HOURS of your life trying to write regular emails... this workshop is for you. We're saving time, delivering major value, and building loyal email community.

Weekly Emails
(aka Newsletters)


By the end of this quarter's
workshop series, you'll be writing emails like a pro, saving tons of time, and making more $$

How do I sign up?!

I'm So in!

All workshops include a live training, open question and answer session, and a full replay. If you're unable to join live, you will receive the replay within 24 hours of the original workshop and an opportunity to ask questions after you've learned on your own time. All sales are final. You can request to transfer your attendance to someone else if desired.



- single workshop -


When you join for the Quarter, 
you're getting an extra bonus!

there can't be more... can there?

- Giovanna B.

Learning the structure for how to write certain things effectively, like mission statements, was unbelievably helpful and eye-opening. When you're being sold to, you often don't think about the process behind what you're reading, but knowing that effective structure is super empowering! It makes me more confident.

Buyer beware – this workshop series will give you the skills, perspective, understanding, and words you need to sell with confidence and attract the right people with ease.

You're not into making more sales or attracting dream clients.

The Copy Party: A Workshop Series is a party because we get together to learn new skills and improve our copy skills as a group.

You don't enjoy the group learning experience.

If you're looking for a professional copywriter to do the work, I offer Brand Messaging Project Days! You can check out my website for more details on working together on done-for-you copy work.

You want someone else to do the work.

This isn't the best option if...

i'm not so sure...

Putting the dates of each workshop on your calendar means committing to yourself and your business. Showing up and jumping in really makes a difference.

You're ready to prioritize your business.

Whether you're brand new to business or have been crushing it for years, this workshop series is about digging in deeper than ever and trying out a new perspective. Expansion is kind of unavoidable 😉

You're willing to grow.

I teach everything I do for my own one-on-one clients. This workshop is the perfect way to improve your writing and get crystal clear on exactly who you want to work with and how you want to stand out.

You're excited to build your copy skills.

You'll get a lot out of this if...

is this workshop series for me?

Hi, I'm Emily! I'm a copywriter and copy teacher with a deep love for helping business owners get more visible and attract more aligned clients. 

You are your business's superpower. My job is to help you get clear on how exactly you are unique, the specific ways you change your clients' lives, and the words that communicate all that to the right people.

I've been teaching business owners and copywriters how to write like a pro since 2020, and I've been using my stellar writing skills to serve my own clients since 2018. Oh, and before I was a copywriter obsessed with making effortless sales, I was a teacher – so I'm kind of awesome at breaking complicated things down into simple, easy-to-implement steps.

You're gonna love how much you learn and how confident you feel after attending this intentional workshop series. It's not magic... but it is wildly effective.

I can't wait to teach you everything I know about putting the power of your words to work in your business!

Learning should be easy, useful, and FUN!

meet your copy teacher


Each workshop includes an open, 60-minute Office Hours call the next week plus all my best templates, formulas, and practice so you can make the most of your new skills

Office Hours, Templates, and More

Turn these time-sucking, dreaded emails into joyful, fast, effective emails you and your audience will love

Workshop #3: Weekly Emails/Newsletters

Pitching something to a group or individuals? Offering a limited invitation or quick sale? You need these email skills

Workshop #2: One-time Sales Email + Followups

Connect with new subscribers, build loyal, engaged fans from Day 1, and show your readers what steps to take next

Workshop #1: Writing Welcome + Nurture Sequences

The Email Marketing Workshops include:

you're getting all of this

Here's what people say about learning with me...

what's the hot gossip?

And We Have Answers:

before I sign up, i have a question!

These workshops are specifically created for 3 groups of business owners:
- New (1 year or less) business owners who want to skyrocket their success + build a wildly strong foundation
– Established business owners who feel stuck, uninspired, bored, or ready to work with new clients
– Anyone who wants to become a copywriter or offer copywriting services to clients

Do I need to have a lot of experience?

You'll get a replay of each workshop, so you can learn on your own time or review as needed! 

You'll also have a window for asking questions so you don't miss out on the value of live Q&A. (I'm excited about this option, and I think you will be, too!)

What if I sign up and then can't attend?


And this time, you can have exactly what you want!
Mastering email marketing is your key to feeling confident, building loyal, engaged clients, and making more money.

You don't just want sales...
You want effortless, FUN sales!

— Ashley F.

"My favorite thing about the workshop? Emily's email templates!"