How to Increase Website Sales in 2023

December 26, 2022


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Your website is a great tool to have for your business when it’s designed to work for you.

Your website should be something you’re proud to share! It should showcase how incredible you are at what you do, while attracting your dream clients and making you effortless sales. But unfortunately, many entrepreneurs are living with websites that aren’t doing any of that. And maybe you’re in this boat too.

You’ve built a website because it’s what you’re “supposed” to do, but you’re not gaining new leads, and you’re certainly not making more sales.

And David Rose couldn’t have expressed my sentiment on this better when he said “I’m very uninterested in that option.”

But the truth is, your website can and should be making you effortless sales. So in this blog I’m diving into 5 tips on how to increase sales on your website in 2023!

1. Optimize your SEO

You’re probably pretty familiar with the term SEO, but you might not be familiar with how to actually optimize it for your website. You know it has something to do with keywords and Google – but beyond that, you’re stumped. 

While keywords are an incredibly important part of SEO, it’s not the only thing it takes to optimize a website. While there is SO much that goes into it (and if you really want to optimize your website, I’d recommend finding an SEO expert), here are some of the basics you should have in place:

  • Choose and implement keywords for each page of your website. Don’t worry too much about keyword density here – Google is good at picking up on synonyms. 
  • Ensure your pages’ Title Tags and H1 Headings include your keywords
  • Optimize your images by renaming them and ensuring they’re sized properly
  • Consistently publish valuable content – this will help your audience build know, like, and trust (which leads to more sales), AND will help you boost your SEO 

2. Make it EASY for people to buy

In order to increase sales on your website, make your offers easy to buy. While of course some of your offers may require calls or an additional vetting process, for the offers that don’t you should implement an easy buying process. Ensure your copy is clear, your Call to Action is direct, and your check-out process is user-friendly.

Not sure what you could sell directly from your website? Here are a few ideas… 

  • Low-ticket offers
  • Paid Masterclasses
  • Self-Paced Courses
  • Intensive Calls

3. Offer valuable freebies on your website to grow your email list

One of the best ways to increase sales through your website is by growing a loyal email audience. The more loyal and engaged your email subscribers are, the more likely they will buy from your website when you actively sell in your emails. 

By having freebies/lead magnets on your website, this can help you grow your email list. And once your audience has experienced just how valuable your FREE resource was, this will encourage them to eventually become paying customers.

4. Market Yourself in New Ways

Sometimes the best way to increase sales on a website is by focusing on marketing yourself in new ways. One of the best ways to get yourself (and your website) seen by more organic audiences is by putting yourself out there in various PR efforts. Try pitching yourself to relevant podcasts or co-hosting a masterclass with a business friend. 

By doing these kinds of marketing activities, you allow yourself to be seen by new groups of people, and it gives you something to share on your website that helps build authority and trust with your audience. And an audience that trusts you is one that leads to sales. 

5. Revamp your copy! 

In order to have a website that makes effortless sales, it’s time to ditch the cookie-cutter copy. If you’re feeling like your website is kind of boring, chances are your visitors do too. And boring doesn’t sell. 

So if it’s been a while since you’ve taken a closer look at your website copy, a revamp is always a good idea. Look at user feedback, recent client testimonials, and any other new things you could add to keep your site up to date and to make sure you’re truly speaking to your dream clients.

Your website is a great tool to have as a business owner, but sometimes it just needs the right strategy to make it work. If you’re ready to DIY your website copy to get it making you effortless sales, check out The Website Copy Party! This self-paced course is designed to help you build a personality-driven website that WORKS, and it includes bonus material on SEO tips.

Ready to hand your website off to a pro? I’d love to help you build a website that is full of personality and passion, AND makes you effortless sales!

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