Your website is your virtual home. It should feel cozy, personable, and distinctly you

Website Copy

that shows off your skills

It's time for a website that talks to your clients like you do.

There's no room for boring or cookie-cutter copy.

 When it comes to your website, clients want to hear your distinct voice & see your unique value.

Dream with me for a minute, will you?
A potential client clicks onto your website. She immediately sees a headline that catches her attention. "Oh, that's my exact problem," she thinks. So she keeps scrolling. The more she reads, the more she feels like you are talking directly to her. She's thinks, "This girl gets me!" She's feeling seen and understood. She's confident that you know what she needs. She's even giggled a few times because you aren't afraid to be clever (where appropriate). 

This doesn't have to be a dream.

When you trust me with your website copy, I spend a lot of time diving into your brand, your voice, your value, and your personality. We get deep into it. I talk to your past clients. I listen to you talk about your business in a real, authentic way. And then I put all of that insider info and uniqueness into your website. So it sounds like you.
And it's all designed to deeply connect with your dream client. 

having a boring, cookie-cutter website that doesn't inspire or connect?

are you tired of...

like potential clients don't see you reflected in your website?

do you feel...

a website that connects with your dream clients and sells like a dream?

do you want...

Do I need help with my website?

- Amanda B. 

emily managed to take my jumbled words and ideas and compile them into copy that makes sense and speaks directly to my ideal client.

"Emily turned my jumbled ideas into copy that speaks directly to my ideal client"

Usability report and analysis

Suggestions for content improvement

Basic proofreading

Custom strategies for increasing effectiveness

Website Audit


A roadmap and strategic plan for effectively DIY-ing your website copy

you get:

A typical audit is
completed within 1-2 weeks. 


To fine-tune your site

Starting at: 

In-depth rewrite of 1-2 pages 


Site-wide improvements and changes

Custom copy solutions for an effective website

Website Refresh


An optimized site that connects with your dream clients and shows off your value

you get:

A typical website refresh is
completed within 3-4 weeks. 


Update & Elevate

Starting at: 

Deep dive into your brand voice, values, and personality

Previous client feedback– I get to know your process through your former clients' personal experience

Strategic copy for every page on your site

Custom brand voice guide to help you consistently promote your brand and understand your audience

Full Custom Website 


A professional website that elevates your brand, highlights your unique value, and deeply connects with your audience

you get:

A typical full custom website is
completed within 4-6 weeks. 


Custom copy that connects

Starting at: 

"I wanted to take my business to the next level"

I knew that if I wanted to take my business to the next level, I was going to have to outsource someone for my web copy. Working with Emily was painless, straightforward, and exciting!

"Emily is your go-to Girl"

If you're in the position I was in and struggling to find the right words, Emily is your go-to girl.

-Maddie S.

-Kami L.

Let your website work for you

and watch your calendar fill up.

let's connect!

A Quick Overview

which website service is right for you?

a website audit is
perfect for you if:

You're confident writing your own copy, but you need help with strategy

You're pretty happy with your site, but think it could be just a bit more effective

You have a hard time understanding where to make edits or changes

A website refresh is perfect for you if:

You've recently added a new service

You've shifted who you serve or how you identify your dream client

It's been over a year since you've updated your website

a full custom website is perfect for you if:

You're starting a new business (yay!)

You've changed industries or niches

You're sick of your old website and you want something that feels magical and new

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