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Your website is out there working for you 24/7.  Make sure it's speaking in your  voice and attracting those clients you love working with.
Feeling like your website could use some help? That's what I'm here for!

watching others effortlessly book their dream clients while you're stuck with a boring old website that doesn't work for you

you're tired of:

you've got a LOT of value to share, but you aren't getting inquiries from dream clients or selling while you sleep like you know you can

you feel like:

invest in a website that sounds like the best version of you, helps you stand out from the crowd, and makes effortless sales

you're ready to:

My website services are for you if...

"Emily brought life and personality back into my website!"

"My favorite part of working with Emily was that she could read my brain. We clicked on a ton of things, and she was there if I needed anything, helping me through everything. She was very organized and attentive to detail.  Emily brought life and personality back into my website, and I highly recommend her to everyone!"
- Justin Schwalbendorf

"Emily is easy to work with and you can see she listens to what you need"

"I was truly stuck on how to write these pages in a way that would speak to my ideal client. I wanted them to get to know me and make them feel like I understand them, so I decided to work with Emily. She is easy to work with and you can see she listens to what you need. She gives great suggestions and then delivers what you want... and it’s right on point!"
- Jamillah L.

"My Website copy is now aligned to who I am, who I serve, and what I offer"

"From the initial conversation to delivery day, Emily was very conscientious about communicating, sharing progress, delivering what was promised, and then some. Her collaborative nature made the feedback process meaningful. I appreciate her commitment to excellence. My website copy is now aligned to who I am, who I serve and what I offer. It's professional and in my brand voice. I love it."
- Faith B : Faith Marie & Co.

"Emily had so many awesome ideas for our about page... without typing a novel no one wants to read"

"I didn’t even know people like Emily existed. Finding the right words or content for my marketing is always a struggle for me and she took that task off my to do list and absolutely crushed it! Emily is VERY friendly and professional. I immediately trusted that she knew what she was talking about & I felt like I had known her for a long time. She had so many awesome ideas for our “about” page of the website that shows who we are personally, without typing a novel that no one wants to read. "
- Maggie & Trent : Whittington & Co.

"I knew that if I wanted to take my business to the next level, I was going to have to outsource my web copy to a pro"

"I would recommend Emily because any smart business owner should know we can't do it all! Sometimes we have to outsource services! Even as a social media manager who writes captions all day, every day, I struggle when it comes to writing my own copy. I knew that if I wanted to take my business to the next level I was going to have to outsource my web copy to a pro. Not only has Emily helped my business by improving my website, but she has also given me the confidence to believe in myself, my services and my pricing! 
-Maddie : The Buzzing Blonde

"My website is so me! I feel like when people read through my website, they’ll be able to picture me talking to them the same way I would in person. "

"I felt like my website didn’t sound like myself and wasn’t attracting my ideal clients. I would check out so many different websites that it felt like I was just taking bits and pieces of other websites and combining it all. After working with Emily,  my website is so me! I feel like when people read through my website, they’ll be able to picture me talking to them the same way I would in person. Within just a few hours of updating my copy, I had already gotten two inquiries!"
– Ruby S, wedding photographer at Ruby Sandoval Photography

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What's all the hot gossip?

Usability report and analysis

Suggestions for content improvement

Basic proofreading

Custom strategies for increasing effectiveness

Website Audit


A roadmap and strategic plan for effectively DIY-ing your website copy

you get:

A typical audit is
completed within 3 days. 


To fine-tune your site

Starting at: 

In-depth rewrite of 1-2 pages 


Site-wide improvements and changes

Custom copy solutions for an effective website

SEO keywords and meta data

Website Refresh


An optimized site that draws organic traffic, connects with your dream clients, and shows off your value

you get:

A typical website refresh is
completed within 3-4 weeks. 


Update & Elevate

Starting at: 

Deep dive into your brand voice, values, and personality

Previous client feedback– I get to know your process through your former clients' personal experience

Strategic copy for every page on your site

Custom brand voice guide to help you consistently promote your brand and understand your audience

Full Custom Website 


A professional website that elevates your brand, highlights your unique value, and deeply connects with your audience

you get:

A typical full custom website is
completed within 4-6 weeks. 


Custom copy that connects

Starting at: 

*Payment plans are always available on request. Pricing transparency is important to me, and I'm always happy to chat about it!

- Monika M: Body by Monika

"Emily spoke my language. She used my words and captured my brand perfectly!"

Into instant results?

what is it?

We jump on deep-dive call in the morning while you enjoy a coffee on me. Then I write my little heart out before we reconvene for a late-lunch (my treat!) to go over the copy. You give me feedback, I make changes, and you'll have your entire website written before it's time to close your laptop for the day. 

Your web copy done – in 1 day

What do i get?

You're getting:
- A website template
- Up to 5 pages of custom copy
- Coffee & lunch
- Copy completed within your website template (if using one), so literally all you have to do is add photos
and hit publish
- A personalized brand voice guide

It's more than just words

how do I sign up?

The investment for a Website in a Day experience is $2500

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