10 Easy Ways to Grow Your Email List

October 31, 2022


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Email marketing is an incredibly powerful tool when your email list is full of YOUR people… The people who love your sense of humor, believe in your offers, and want more of what you’ve got. 

Want to attract MORE of those people to your email community? Here are 10 easy ways to grow your email list!

1. Put a Link to Join Your Email List on Your Website

Put a direct link on your website inviting visitors to join your email list. Ideally this link will also offer them some kind of value for joining, like a freebie (a.k.a. lead magnet), or a discount code. You can also place a direct opt-in on your website footer so people see it on any page they visit.

Regardless of how many links you use and what type they are, make sure you clearly tell your audience what they get when they sign up and how it will benefit THEM. 

2. Utilize Instagram Stories to Grow Your Email List

You know the handy-dandy question box on Instagram? This is a great tool to use for collecting email addresses! It’s easy for your audience to drop their emails in without having to go through any extra steps. 

One way you could do this is to share a juicy tip or story from a recent newsletter and tell people to drop their email address if they loved it and want more. Make sure you make it clear that you will be adding them to your email list so it doesn’t feel like a sneak attack when they receive their first email AND so you explicitly have their permission.

3. Leave a Link in Your Instagram Bio

Whether you’re just actively promoting direct signups, or you have a freebie to share, utilize your Instagram bio to collect email addresses. Make sure the link is direct – the less steps your dream clients have to go through, the better.

4. Include a Link to Join Your Email List in Your Blogs

Regularly creating blogs? This is a great opportunity to easily grow your email list. You can throw a link at the bottom to invite people to join, either directly or through freebies that are relevant to the blog.

5. Create a Fun Giveaway!

Freebies are fun, but people also LOVE the thrill of winning something. Create a simple giveaway that people can easily join.

One important note on this – giveaways can easily attract all kinds of people (including the wrong ones), so you want to make sure you’re still attracting YOUR people. Make sure whatever you choose for your giveaway, it’s something your dream clients actually WANT. For example, you could giveaway a 30-minute strategy session or audit, highlighting a specific pain point your dream clients have.

6. Grow Your Email List through Pinterest!

Already on Pinterest? Great! Try creating a few pins that provide your audience with actionable tips and link a signup for them to download a relevant freebie.

Haven’t started Pinterest yet? Now is as good a time as any to start, especially if you’re looking for new ways to grow your email list.

7. Host an Online Webinar

While this option is definitely more time-intensive, webinars (a.k.a. Masterclasses, trainings, etc) can be very impactful. They’re a great way to provide your dream clients with tangible value, helping them see just how amazing working with you would be… with the bonus of growing your email list at the same time!

8. Promote Your Email List as a Guest on a Blog or Podcast

Being a guest on a blog or podcast is a great way to not only reach a wider audience, it’s also an excellent opportunity to invite people to join your email list. This approach can take a little more time and effort as you will need to reach out to other business owners about being part of their blog or podcast, but it’s well worth the effort. Guest speaking and writing has been a huge avenue for growth in my business, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to grow or expand. 

9. Share Relevant Social Proof

Let’s be honest, there’s nothing worse than joining an email list only to find your inbox flooded with spammy emails. And your dream clients don’t want those kinds of emails either. So show them that your email list is most definitely NOT spammy and that it will bring them real value, by sharing relevant social proof.

Share snippets of email replies or comments people have made about how amazing your emails are. You can share these on an Instagram story or post, an upcoming blog, or any other place your dream clients are engaging with you. 

10. Consistently Deliver Value

Perhaps the most important tip is consistently delivering value to your email list. While it’s great to grow your email list, it’s even better to maintain an ENGAGED one. So continue providing value to KEEP the people who have already signed up. Listen to their feedback and make your emails something your community genuinely looks forward to receiving.

Feeling like you’ve hit a bit of a creative block when it comes to writing your emails? I’ve got just the thing for you! Use my 107 Email Ideas to create fun, unique, and interesting emails designed to engage your subscribers. 

Ready to enhance your email marketing skills? Join the Email Marketing Party! This self-paced mini course is designed to teach you how to email like a pro. From weekly newsletters to how to sell without feeling sleazy, this course has everything you need to create awesome emails your dream clients can’t wait to open. 

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