Looking for Ways to Improve Website? Add Personality! 

October 24, 2022


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If you're into using your personality, voice, and values to attract your dream clients, you're in the right place. Your words matter – and I'm here to help you make them work for you!

I'm emily - your new fave copywriter

When it comes to finding ways to improve your website, the number one thing you can do is add more of YOU! If you’re finding yourself with a boring, cookie-cutter website that nobody seems to be reading (which means nobody is buying), then it’s time to add more personality! 

Infusing your personality into your website is what will make it stand out, create more personal connections with your audience, and attract your dream clients. So let’s dive into 3 tips for using your personality as a way to improve your website! 

1. Improve Website by Making Your Call to Action Buttons Fun (AND Clear)

Instead of the overused CTA button “LEARN MORE”, try to have some fun with it! Use your brand voice and personality in the button text, making it eye-catching and more interesting for your dream clients to actually want to click it!

Some examples…

“Get to Know Me”

“Let’s Hang Out!”

“Ummmm, Yes Please!”

These are examples of buttons that will improve your website with personality, while also still being clear. Your dream clients still need to know WHAT happens when they click the button, so make sure you’re not getting too clever.

2. Work in References to Things You Love

One of the best ways to improve website through personality is by sharing the things you love. These can be thrown in casually, but should always feel natural and relevant. This can be hard to do at first, so I recommend making a list of some of your top faves, then adding them throughout your copy in the places that feel right.

Some examples…

“Pop open a Whiteclaw and dive into this latest blog!”

“Like Cinderella's pumpkin carriage, this offer won't hang around forever…”

“This offer isn't actually magical… but you'll feel like Hermione Granger once you see how effective it is.”

Throwing in references to things you love is a clever way to improve your website by sharing more of your personality, but it is important to note – do it sparingly. Our focus is to use personality to improve your website copy, but going overboard with this particular tip can make your website feel cluttered and confusing. So, find the balance that works for you and start blending these personal touches into your website!

3. The Final Way to Improve Your Website: Give Your Offers Fun Names!

Let’s be honest, you’re not the only person in the world offering your type of service or offer… BUT you can stand out among the rest by creating fun offers that your dream client remembers!

Some examples…

Do you love trees?

  • Give your lowest offer a name that references a smaller tree (i.e. a bonsai), while referencing a bigger tree (i.e. a redwood) for your more expensive offer. 

Into National Parks?

  • Use your favorite national parks in the names of your services, OR focus on adventure/exploration themes in your copy

Obsessed with fashion?

  • Instead of “DIY Template” offer an “Off the Rack” service
  • Replace “Custom Package” with “Made-to-Order”

Just remember that if you do give your services creative names, make sure you are SUPER clear about what the service is and what it includes. This will help to avoid any confusion, which is a critical piece to improve website copy.

Ready to find ways to improve your website? Need a complete website makeover and you’re down to do it yourself? Check out the Website Copy Party! 

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