I'm Emily – your new fave copywriter

i love turning your words into effortless sales.

Writing about yourself can feel impossible. You help your clients or customers do so much – how are you supposed to put that all into a few compelling words?

That's where I come in. 

Finding the perfect words to show off your value and voice is my superpower. I'm all about helping you make more money and serve more dream clients in a way that feels aligned to who you are and what you do.

I've been helping heart-centered business owners put their words to work since 2019 – and I can't wait to help you!

It's time for your words
to work for you. 

I help you find the words that show your ideal clients exactly why they need you.

"i was amazed at how well Emily captured my voice and brand"

Emily was the easiest contractor I have worked with from start to finish, and that was a breath of fresh air. There were no hiccups with the workflow and I was amazed at how well she captured my voice and brand. This is the value of working with an experienced writer who also does things a little different with her process to best work with the client, which is just what I needed.

"Emily just 'gets' you so quickly"

You HAVE to work with Emily if you need any copywriting! She is so talented, easy to work with and she just 'gets' you so quickly. I felt like the copy she created for me was so reflective of my energy. I kept I kept putting off writing my launch emails because it felt heavy and too hard, but Emily lifted it off my shoulders and it was such a relief!

-Beth S,  teacher and trauma-informed educator at trifecta pilates

-Becca F, human design coach at becca by human design

Happy Clients, Happy Copywriter

People who know me
will tell you all about...

My love for books – I earned my masters in Literature

The personality and intention I bring to every word I write

How fun and easy  I make learning how to write

Making more sales after I pop in with my copy skills

average words written per week


continents my clients have come from


shots of espresso each day


puppies i won't pet


It's time to show off your value and voice... and make more $$

You've got what your clients need. 
I've got the skills to help them see that.
What are you waiting for?

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