How to Write an About Me Page: 3 Must Haves

November 7, 2022


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Want to know the one web page that gets almost everyone stuck?

The About Me Page. Because honestly, writing about yourself is the worst. Even if you’re a great writer and enjoy writing for your business, thinking about how to write an About Me Page is challenging.

Oftentimes people don’t know where to start or what to even include about themselves, so instead they implement the advice to “make it about your client”, usually taking it too far. While yes, you do want some of your About Me Page to be about your clients and their needs, it shouldn’t be ALL about them. When writing an About Me Page, you really should include some information about you (crazy right?!).
Your dream clients are on that page because they want to get to know YOU. They’re not there to read another sales pitch or hear more about the problem you solve… they’re there to see if YOU are the person they want to work with. So if you’ve been feeling stuck on how to write an About Me Page, here are three must-haves to get you started!

When Writing an About Me Page, You Should Include…

1. Your Face!

Seriously – people want to see YOU. And while showing your face on your About Me Page might seem obvious, this is something many people forget to include. 

So share a photo of you looking at the camera (smile, or even make a silly pose if that’s your thing!), because this simple piece will help your audience connect with you on a more personal level.

2. Testimonials

Most people tend to put testimonials solely on their Home Page and Services Page. While both of these are crucial places to have them, your About Me Page is just as important.

When writing an About Me Page, it’s great to include testimonials that talk specifically about who you are as a person (and not just about the amazing work you do). Share testimonials that highlight your personality, how much fun you are, how great you made your clients feel, and so on. Use these kinds of testimonials on your About Me Page to further build know, like, and trust with your audience.

3. Personal Connection Points

What better way to connect with your audience than by sharing the things you love the most? Because chances are, your dream clients will find enjoyment in those same things.

Share photos of things you enjoy, insert references to your favorite shows, and talk about the things that make you genuinely happy. If you’re not sure how to present it, try creating a “this or that” list. It’s a fun, visual way to build personal connections that doesn’t require a lot of words. (Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE words, but writing a paragraph about your coffee order is NOT the way to go here).

When it comes to writing about ourselves, we often feel like we have no idea what to say or even where to start. This is totally normal! If you’ve been feeling stuck on how to write an About Me Page, I hope these three tips give you some inspiration on where to start.

And remember, although it goes against popular opinion (I do have a rebellious reputation to maintain after all), when writing an About Me Page it is not all about your dream clients. It’s a place for them to get to know you, so make sure your About Me Page gives them that chance.

Feeling like you need help with more than just how to write an About Me Page? Check out the Website Copy Party, my mini course designed to help you DIY every page of your website from start to finish.

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