Why Your Small Business Brand Story Matters

November 14, 2022


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The one thing every business has that is imperative to share with their audience is a brand story. 

Whether or not you’ve realized it yet, your brand is always sharing a story. In your posts, emails, blogs… in every way you present your brand online, it is always portraying something. 

And building a small business that is truly aligned with who you are and your values means intentionally sharing the brand story that is at the core of it all. Your brand story is incredibly powerful! So in this blog I’m going to be talking about what your brand story even is, why it matters, and how you can start intentionally sharing it with your audience.

What is a Small Business Brand Story?

Your brand story is more than just how your business came to be (although this is an important part of it). Your small business brand story is a narrative that tells how and why you got started, the crucial parts of your journey (i.e. obstacles you overcame, lessons you learned – all those connection points you want to make with your reader), and tells people where you’re headed.

Your brand story should have a beginning, middle, and a “this is where we’re going” kind of end – looking toward the future!

Why Does Your Small Business Brand Story Matter?

Your small business brand story is what gives your brand more than just aesthetically pleasing looks – in essence, it’s the very heart of your brand. It’s the story of where you came from, why you exist, what you do, who you serve… all in a way that shows off your brand’s unique personality and voice. Your brand story is what helps you stand out, gain visibility, and build emotional connections with your people. It helps your dream clients see how they fit into your story and it shows them the values you have in common.

Your small business brand story calls your dream clients to be part of your overall story… and that’s why it’s the most important thing you can share with them.

Seriously – have I mentioned how powerful it is?! 

Where Should You Share Your Small Business Brand Story?

Your small business brand story should be shared anywhere your dream clients will find you. Some specific examples could include your…

  • About Page of your website
  • Social Media Posts
  • Instagram Stories (Save a highlight on your profile!)
  • “Get to know me” page of a lead magnet
  • Welcome Email Sequence

And anywhere else your dream client could connect with you…

Ready to put the power of your own brand story to work in your business? Book a Brand Story Project with me! We'll dive deep into your business, your journey, your audience, your goals, and then I’ll turn it all into an engaging, emotional narrative that you can use throughout your business!

Feeling like you have a good grasp on your brand story but wanting to find your unique way of sharing it with others? Check out this blog post on How to Find Your Brand Voice!

Need clarity on your brand altogether? I’ve got your back. Check out this blog post on Brand Identity for Small Business.

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