Are You a Wedding Pro? 3 Ways to Stand Out in Your Industry

December 5, 2022


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If you're into using your personality, voice, and values to attract your dream clients, you're in the right place. Your words matter – and I'm here to help you make them work for you!

I'm emily - your new fave copywriter

Before I started my copywriting business in 2019, I wrote for ChicagoStyle Weddings Magazine, and it was during that time that I fell head-over-heels in love with the wedding industry. I mean, what’s not to love? The joy, the romance, the flowers, the champagne… the MAGIC.

And in that time I also saw firsthand how, as a wedding pro, it can sometimes feel like you’re struggling in an overly saturated industry. You know the work you do is valuable, you LOVE it, and you WANT to stand out… you’re just unsure of HOW. But the good news is, I’ve got you.

Regardless of your specific niche in the wedding industry, these three things are sure to help you stand out, attract your dream clients, and make effortless sales.

1. Get Clear on Your Brand Voice and Brand Story

In order to stand out in your industry, you need to showcase YOU. And your Brand Voice and Brand Story are two big things that will help you do that. 

Your Brand Voice is the words, tone, and attitude you use to communicate your unique personality to your audience. It’s what helps you stand out, rather than sounding like every other wedding pro in the industry.

Your Brand Story is the narrative of where you came from, what you do, who you serve, where you’re going, and why it all matters. It’s what helps you build deeper, personal connections with your dream clients, and it shows them how they fit into your story.

Your Brand Voice and Brand Story are both incredibly powerful in helping you to stand out and attract your dream clients. If you’re not quite clear on your Brand Voice or Brand Story, here are a few resources to help.

How to Find Your Brand Voice

Brand Identity for Small Business

2. Speak Directly to Your DREAM Clients

Before you tell yourself your dream client is “anyone getting married”, I’d like to encourage you to take a moment and reflect on who you truly enjoy working with.

Are you a wedding photographer that actually wants to specialize in elopements? A florist that prefers the thrill of HUGE productions over small ones? A caterer that wants to be known for working with same sex couples?

Whatever it is, getting a clearer idea on who your dream clients really are, what they want, and how your service fulfills their needs is a very important step to standing out to the right people.

3. Create a Valuable Lead Magnet

One of the best ways to stand out in your industry as a wedding pro is to give value before your dream clients even work with you. Some ideas for potential freebies could include:

  • If you’re a photographer, create a checklist for anything your clients might need to be ready for their engagement sesh, or day-of photos.
  • Are you a florist? Create a free e-book giving tips on floral arrangements by season, color, or style.
  • As a wedding planner, you could create a free quiz that helps your dream client decide on key factors about their day… things like general location preferences (i.e. outside or inside), size of their wedding party, and general schedule of their day (i.e. if they would prefer to take photos before or after the ceremony).

Offering your dream clients something valuable not only helps them, but it also shows them YOU are the person they’ve been searching for. 

As a wedding pro, your schedule is often packed during peak wedding season, making it all the more difficult to spend time doing the things that will help you attract and sign more dream clients. Which is why it’s my mission to help you do that through fun, personalized, written-in-your-brand-voice copy templates! And I’m not going to lie, you’re going to be obsessed with how these templates elevate your business, connect with your clients, and save you major time. Check them out to see which ones you’re ready to try first!

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