Is Copywriting Hard? It Doesn’t Have to Be!

August 8, 2023


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3 Tips to Make Writing For Your Business Feel Easier

Writing copy – the words that go into your website, sales page, and emails – can feel like a never ending, daunting task. But it doesn’t have to be so hard!

Today I’m sharing 3 easy-to-use tips that will make writing for your business feel easier, faster, and more effective. 

Let’s get into it! 

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Is Copywriting Hard? Tip #1

Write to One Person

Copywriting is basically impossible when you’re trying to write for everyone.

Will they get this joke?

Understand this reference?

Will this be too complicated? Too simple or boring?

The questions pile up and the copy gets more generic, more vanilla, and more boring.

The solution? Write to ONE person. Ideally a real person who is your ideal client or in your target audience.

When you think about writing to just this one person, it’s much easier to infuse your writing with  your personality and brand voice.

I have one ideal client I tend to always write to. Sometimes I put her name at the top of an email (and delete it before sending!) or imagine having a conversation with her when I’m planning a caption for social. 

If you don’t have a real-life client who fits this description, you can always use a “persona” to fill in. However, once you work with or meet someone who is your ideal client… I highly recommend switching over to the real deal.

Is Copywriting Hard? Tip #2

Plan first, write second

If you take a few minutes to plan what you’re gonna write… your words will be clearer and easier to understand. You’ll also write faster because you know where you’re going!

Here are some key things to help you plan like a pro:

  • Write down one specific goal for whatever you’re writing – just one!
  • Write down who your intended audience is and jot down any specific things to remember or keep in mind about them
  • Are there any objections to what you’re trying to teach or share? Write them down so you can specifically overcome them.
  • Do a “brain release” where you jot down any of the thoughts swimming around your brain about this topic (yes, some people call this a brain dump but eww)

Even a little bit of planning will improve the clarity of your writing!

Is copywriting hard? Tip #3

Repurpose what you’ve already written

So you just wrote an awesome blog post? Great! Now break that up and use it as 3-4 social media captions. Oh, and turn each point in the blog into its own email. And voila! You just saved hours of writing. Nice work!

You can repurpose smaller things – like captions – into longer-form content – like emails or blog posts, too. Just group things together that are about the same topic, add some connecting sentences and details – and boom! More repurposed gold.

If you’ve written a spot-on sales page for a new offer… copy and paste different sections and turn that copy into sales emails and captions! 

There’s no one way to repurpose your copy and content… you can breathe life into old stuff and post it as new, break big things up into smaller pieces, or combine smaller things together.

Before you share anything you've repurposed, just make sure you take the time to edit for clarity. Make sure anything you repurpose reads clearly and flows well! You don’t want it to sound like you just broke something up or smushed them together.

Want more copywriting tips?!

Check out my YouTube channel for more how-to videos, expert copywriting tips, and more!

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