Sales Page Layout That Will Increase Conversions

October 17, 2022


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Sales page not performing the way you hoped? There’s quite possibly nothing more discouraging than spending hours upon hours building a sales page, only to feel like it’s not signing you clients. You want your sales page to be working FOR you and the truth is, it should be. 

Your sales page should be making you effortless sales. If it’s not, you may need to tweak your sales page layout.

So let’s dive into the how-to’s when it comes to structuring your sales page, as well as the biggest problems I see in a sales page layout:

How to Structure Your Sales Page Layout

1. Introduce Pain Points and Problems

This one might seem simple, but oftentimes I see people forgetting to talk about this FIRST. Your sales page layout needs to start with problem awareness, helping your dream clients realize that you know exactly what their core problem is. 

2. Move to Their Pleasure Points and Dreams

Once you’ve put the pain points fresh in their minds, moving on to the pleasure points reminds your dream clients of what they truly want for themselves (and of what’s possible). Putting this next in your sales page layout sets the scene for what their life and business COULD look like, making them want to keep reading.

3. Introduce Your Offer as the Solution

This is where you explicitly show them that YOU are their solution. That your offer is the missing piece to overcoming their pain points so they can move into experiencing the things they dream about.

At this point in your sales page they should already be sensing this, but here is where you show them HOW you’re going to help them. 

The Biggest Problems I See in a Sales Page Layout

Jumping Straight into the Offer

The reason a sales page layout needs the pain and pleasure points BEFORE you dive into the offer is because your dream clients need to be ready for the offer. They need to first acknowledge and feel validated in their pain points, fully accept the dreams they have for themselves (sometimes subconsciously), and THEN see the connection between how you’re going to help them.

Focusing Too Much on the Pain

Focusing too heavily on the pain points can make people feel hopeless and honestly, pretty frustrated with themselves. And hopeless people won’t buy a solution. So instead of focusing too much on the pain points simply help them be brought to the front of mind, and then move through the sales page layout with the positivity of their pleasure points and the solution you can give them. 

Bouncing Around Without a Strategy

A convoluted and messy sales page is bound to be one that doesn’t work. If your copy feels like it’s bouncing from pain points to features to social proof and so on and so forth… it’s going to be confusing. And confused people don’t buy.

So if your sales page layout feels like it’s all over the place, restructure it with the sales page layout I mentioned above and watch as your results begin to change.

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