5 Simple Ways to Increase Your Engagement On Instagram

October 10, 2022


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We hear about “increasing your engagement on Instagram” seemingly ALL the time. But have you ever wondered why you should care about learning how to increase your engagement? 

Increasing your engagement can often feel like a frustrating battle against the algorithm, but the truth is that it IS important. Because more engagement with your content means more connections with dream clients and business besties (because we need those just as much as we need paying clients).

So here are five simple ways you can start to increase your engagement even with the ever-changing, oftentimes-frustrating algorithm.

5 Tips to Increase Your Engagement

1. Be Consistent

Consistency can sometimes feel like a buzzword on Instagram, and it can leave you feeling pressured to post every single day. But in all honesty, you don’t have to post every day. The key to being consistent is finding what works for YOU. Figure out a rough schedule and stick to it as often as you can. Consistency is a sure fire way to increase your engagement, even if it takes a little time to see the results. If posting consistently is a struggle for you, consider downloading a scheduling app that helps you do so.

2. Be Authentic

Ahhh, authenticity. Another word we see thrown around on Instagram but that sometimes feels like a word people use for the sake of seeming authentic. But being authentic is incredibly important… because if you aren’t being authentic, how can you hope to work with true dream clients?

Instead of posting just to post, ask yourself  “Would I say this into a microphone to a room full of people?” (that’s essentially what IG is). If you wouldn’t, don’t post it. And if you would, share it! Posting what you truly believe will help you increase your engagement AND will connect you to dream clients and business friends.

3. Be Social

Sometimes as business owners we forget that social media is meant to be SOCIAL. It requires interaction, which is a great way to build connections with your dream clients and business friends.Instead of waiting for people to find you, spend some time finding accounts you genuinely like and comment on their stuff.

Watch their stories and engage with them by voting in polls and responding with messages when it makes sense. Forced engagement is pointless (and also inauthentic)… so find people you genuinely like and make it a point to get to know them and you’ll start to see an increase in your engagement too.

4. Give People an Opportunity to Connect with YOU

If you never post a story, how are people supposed to build connections with you? When you share both business and personal content, it gives people a chance to reach out, feel like they know you, and build important connections. And these connections naturally lead to an increase in your engagement. Truthfully, many of my clients were actually Instagram friends first and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

5. Build relationships, not transactions

If you view engagement solely as a means to an end, you won't see the success you would if you're truly interested in getting to know people. I'm NOT a fan of DM scripts or popping into random people's inboxes to be like “Oh I see you're a zoologist… how long have you been doing that?!” At this point, everyone knows that's a conversation starter and will soon be followed by a pitch. 

My rebellious stance? Don't pitch in the DMs.

Just get to know people. Build relationships. Keep educating your audience and sharing valuable content. When your connections need your services, they will come to you! (This isn't a popular opinion, I know. But it's worked beautifully for me.)

Feeling like you could use some extra inspiration for new, fun things to post? Download 107 Content Ideas for the next time you’re out of ideas but want to increase your engagement!

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