Hit 6 figures In Your Business

December 15, 2023


Hit 6 figures in your business

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If you're into using your personality, voice, and values to attract your dream clients, you're in the right place. Your words matter – and I'm here to help you make them work for you!

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Are you ready to reach that coveted six-figure milestone in your business? If the answer is yes, then I'm here to help you achieve it faster and more effectively. Let me share a little secret—I made some substantial mistakes as I grew my business to the first 100k milestone. Life is good now, but I encountered a fair share of headaches and trials that you can absolutely sidestep. Today, I'm laying it all out for you: the three most significant mistakes I made. Consider this a candid conversation, where I spill the tea, share real numbers, and get really vulnerable with you. My hope is that you'll gain some valuable insights to hit 6 figures in your business!

Before delving into the specific mistakes, let me say this—mistakes are inevitable. Embracing them is crucial for your growth. If the fear of making mistakes holds you back, it's time to let go. Making mistakes doesn't make you a bad business owner; it's part of the learning process. Treat each mistake as an opportunity to learn, and you'll thrive longer than those who fear making the same errors.

Now, onto the three pivotal mistakes to avoid in order to hit 6 figures in your business:

Mistake 1: Pricing Your Services Too Low for Too Long

One of the pitfalls I stumbled into was pricing my services too low for an extended period. While there's merit in competitive pricing when starting, doing it for too long can hinder your growth. If you're just entering the market, offering a lower price to get your foot in the door is advisable. However, the key is not to stay there.

I'll share a personal anecdote—during my first full year, I wrote seven websites for $300-$350 each. Pricing low for your initial clients is fine, but make a pact with yourself to increase your prices after the first client. Gradually and significantly raise your prices as you gain more clients. There's no fixed formula for pricing, but consider factors like the time invested, the ROI you deliver, and market rates. And practice saying your price confidently—this is crucial for your success.

Mistake 2: Trying to Please Everyone

The urge to please everyone can be detrimental in two ways. First, being too open to any project can lead you to waste time on tasks that aren't worth it or aligned with your skills and interests. It's essential to identify what you enjoy and excel at early on. Second, overdelivering beyond the agreed scope can cost you valuable time and money. Set boundaries and learn to say no when necessary.

Moreover, aiming to please everyone can dilute your brand voice. I fell into this trap, creating a bland and generic brand presence that didn't resonate with anyone. Embrace your unique personality and brand voice; it's what will attract your ideal clients.

Mistake 3: Not Investing in Community

Investing in personal development is excellent, but don't neglect community building. I made the mistake of not investing enough in networks and communities. Networking can feel like a second-tier priority, but it's where you meet the right people, become more visible, and gain clients.

Joining a mastermind or community provides emotional support and builds your confidence. The connections you make can lead to more clients and opportunities. Don't underestimate the power of community in growing your business.

Hit 6 Figures In Your Business!

In conclusion, making mistakes is part of the journey to hit 6 figures in your business. Embrace them as opportunities to learn and grow. While I've made more than three mistakes, these are the ones I want you to avoid. As my daughter's kindergarten teacher says, “When you make mistakes, that is how your brain grows.” Embrace the journey, learn from your missteps, and gear up for the next level of mistakes that six-figure business owners are already making.

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