three modules.
one hour.
And a website that sounds like you
& shows off your skill.

The Mini Course  You've Been Waiting For

You wish your website sounded less boring and blah.

You're ready to attract your dream clients, but you don't know how to show them you're the one they need.

You're tired of outsourcing every time your website needs an update.

You don't mind writing – and you're pretty good at it – but your website copy just needs some *oomph*

You need this mini course. Especially while it's only $67!

get started now!

- Faith B, Productivity Coach

after working with emily, my Website copy is now aligned to who I am, who I serve and what I offer. It's professional and in my brand voice. I love it.

What's in this
mini course?

My signature framework for writing personality-filled copy
I'll walk you through each step of the process so you can write engaging copy that shows off your voice and connects with your dream clients. 

Module One: Develop an Authentic Brand Voice
I help you dive deeper than ever into your core values and figure out how to cultivate a brand voice that reflects the true you.

Module Two: Do Your Research
This is no standard market research. I give you the tools and strategies I use to figure out the exact words to use to describe your services + offers and the value you bring to your clients.

Module Three: Write Like a Pro
Master the mechanics and techniques professional writers use to write website copy that sparkles and shines.

BONUS Module: Editing in Real Time
I go through different website examples and explain the edits I make so you can see how the improvements work on the page.

MAJOR BONUS Resources: Templates + Prompts
Custom templates show you how to structure + format your Home Page, About Page, Service Page, & Contact Page, while the copy prompts give you questions, suggestions, and examples of how to put the copy together on each page. It's like having a professional copywriter sitting next to you the whole time!

Start the course!

You just need to develop
the skills + master the strategies

You want to write
website copy like a pro. 

“I'm tired of paying to outsource every time I want to update my website.”

“I'm good at writing – but my website is so boring and vanilla.”

"My website isn't booking the kind of clients I really want to work with!"

I hear you! That's why I created this mini course. 

You're getting all of my professional tips + tricks, the framework I use to help my private clients cultivate a values-aligned brand voice, and the tactics that help me write website copy that attracts your dream clients.

There's no fluff in this mini course. It's one hour of straight skills and strategy. By the end, you'll be writing pro-level website copy that's full of personality, aligns with your values, and sells.

- Amanda B, Dubsado Expert

"Emily not only provided me with copy that speaks directly to my ideal client, but also gave me the tools to write copy that speaks to my ideal client myself"

So how do I get in on this?

Never show up with a boring
old website again...

Mini course packed with three effective modules + one bonus module

Forms + resources that I use to develop + track my brand voice 

Custom templates + prompts for your Home Page, About, Services, and Contact Page: See how to structure each page, what sections to include, and get clever prompts and examples of the words to use

$67 (this price won't last long!)

Let's Get  You Some Answers

I have a question!

who is this course
 designed for?

Are you a business owner who wants to sell your offers, services, or products on your website? Do you want a fabulous, custom website? This course is for you! 

what am i going to learn in this mini course?

Everything you need to write custom website copy that sounds like you and makes effortless sales! (And improve the rest of your copy along the way.)

Why should i buy
this from you?

I'm not just a badass at writing personality-filled website copy, I'm also a former teacher who is really good at teaching others my skills.

I'm really good at writing things people want to read. And I love teaching others my strategies and tips to do the same. 

Your website should feel like you and attract the exact people you were made to serve.

I write websites and sales pages that make effortless sales for my clients, and I'm teaching you exactly how I do it in this course.

I should probably mention that I was a teacher before I started my own business, so you can rest assured that every module has a clear objective and that you'll walk away having learned a lot.

And we'll have fun along the way!

Write with me!

Hi! I'm Emily. helping you write custom, personality-filled website copy is my jam.

Want the power to write website copy that shows off your skill + sells?

life is too short for boring website copy

You can do it!

emily writes well | Nashville Copywriter