Your brand needs a compelling identity that connects with your dream clients. I've got the words and the strategies that help your brand stand out in the best way.

brand identity

telling your unique story

Your brand should be memorable & distinct. 

show your clients who you are, what you stand for, and who you serve.
let's make you unforgettable.

It's easy to feel like you blend in with the crowd. We operate in an online world full of coaches, VAs, social media managers, photographers, and creative business owners. Scrolling through Instagram can leave you feeling like one in a sea of thousands. But it doesn't have to be like this.

Imagine if instead of overlooked, you felt seen...

Instead of ordinary, you felt distinct...

Instead of blending in, you stood out

A curated, consistent brand voice and a compelling brand story help your clients see your unique value and understand exactly why they need you. Developing your brand identity makes your business 

Do I need help with my Brand Identity?

not connecting with your dream clients or even knowing who your dream clients should be?

are you tired of...

like your business gets lost in the crowd because it lacks a strong, recognizable personality or voice?

do you feel...

a business that's feels authentic and recognizable?

do you want...

Yes? Let's get to work on your brand identity!

- Faith B. of Faith Marie & Co.

Emily knows her craft and helped me understand the importance of a brand story and how it enhances my overall brand. her work is impeccable.

"Emily helped me understand the importance of a brand story"

The brand story experience:

We start with

We'll pour a giant cup of coffee or a bubbling LaCroix (really any beverage that helps you relax) and dive into a pretty deep conversation about your business. You'll tell me all about why you started, your doubts, your hopes, your dream, your fears, and who you are fired up to serve. I'll push you on some questions to help you dig deeper than your probably have before. I'll do a lot of active listening and note taking. This is usually a powerful experience in itself.

The Deep Dive

I deliver

Your brand story is a narrative. It's the story of how your business came to be, why it exists, what it stands for, and who it serves. But in an engaging, personal, creative format that reads more like a story than a sales page. 

Along with your brand story, I'll also craft an elevator pitch and a brand positioning statement, better known as a tagline. 

The Brand Story

you experience

Your brand story is a powerful document, but you might not be totally sure how to use it at first. I highly suggest sharing your brand story on your website. Give your visitors a deeply personal look into the heart and soul of your brand. It's also the best place to start when refreshing your website copy. 
You can share small sections of your story through social media to help grow the "know, like, trust" factor with your audience... and in so many more ways.  

The Impact

Thorough analysis of your brand and ideal client

Explanation and examples of what your voice sounds like (and doesn't sound like!)

Detailed description of your ideal client's pain & pleasure points

30-min 1:1 consulting call to discuss how to consistently use your brand voice & answer outstanding questions

Brand Voice Development


A solid understanding of what your brand sounds like and how to use your brand voice to grow your business

you get:

A typical brand voice development project is completed within
 2-4 weeks.


Find your voice & put it to work

In-depth exploration of your brand's history, origin story, and unique position

A full-length narrative that tells your brand's story in a compelling way designed to build an emotional connection with your audience

A powerful :20 "elevator pitch" and a custom tagline 

Receive a significant discount on a Full Custom Website project when you start with a Brand Story!

Brand Story


A compelling narrative that inspires an emotional connection with your audience and strategically positions your brand as a "go-to" source

you get:

A typical brand story project is
completed within 4 weeks.


The story of who you are & what you do

Tell your brand's story

and build an emotional connection with your dream clients

let's do this!

How to Use  Your Brand Story

what do I do with this beautiful story?

your brand story &
website copy:

Post your full brand story on its own page on your website. Or do what I did and use your brand story to create a meaningful and engaging "About Me" section. Use your tagline to quickly and clearly tell your audience what you're about. Memorize your elevator pitch and have a powerful answer the next time someone asks, "So what do you do?"

your brand story &
social media:

Use your brand story to build an emotional connection with your Instagram or Facebook audiences. Use a line or two from your brand story as inspiration for a Friday introduction that leaves your followers feeling connected to you and your brand's purpose.

your brand story &
welcome email sequence:

Share your story with your ideal clients over the course of a few emails in your welcome sequence. They'll feel like they know the YOU behind the brand and you'll increase your "KnowLikeTrust" factor from the beginning... which means more loyal subscribers and warm leads!

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