it's a done-with-you
word party!

1:1 Copy Intensives

These 90-minute sessions are perfect for getting those to-do items done... and with a pro.

Welcome sequences, landing pages, mini-sales sequences, broadcast emails, social media – we're getting it done. And you're gonna love the results.

yeah, let's do it!

give me 90 minutes and consider it done.

Keep putting off that email sequence or landing page because there's never enough time?

Done-with-Emily work is kind of incredible. 

We jump on a Zoom session and I share my screen. I help you create a professional strategy and then I start writing with you alongside,  helping me refine my word choice and tone to perfectly match your brand voice.

When the call is over, the work is DONE! 

No homework, no dangling to-dos, just professionally written copy that sounds like an elevated, attracting-all-the-dream-clients version of you.

- Dr. Laura F : Soul Inspired Gurl

The most helpful thing Emily and I accomplished on the 90-minute call was getting my Welcome Sequence done. It's awesome and so me, without me torturing myself just trying to get this kind of result.

"my welcome sequence is awesome and so me!"

Dream with me for a minute...

You had a professional welcome sequence that turned new email subscribers into loyal buyers?

You could knock some of those never-get-to-them to-do items off your list in 90 minutes?

A pro copywriter put her skills together with your voice to create copy magic?

Instead of spending thousands outsourcing, you could get the best results from a done-with-you intensive?

You had someone to guide you and help you identify and refine your brand voice, brand identity, or brand messaging?

this is exactly what we do 
in a copy intensive. ALl for $297!

What would it mean for your business, your time, and your bottom line if:

sign me up!

- Olivia F., social media manager

If you’re looking to reduce time, stop questioning your writing, improve your message, and learn from a great coach, Emily Conley is YOUR GIRL!

"i stopped questioning my writing and improved my messagE!"

What can we work on?

short answer: anything you want.

email sequences

- Welcome Sequence
- Mini Sales Sequence
- Personalized Email Tutorial
- Custom Template for Weekly Emails

sales copy

- Landing Pages
- Sales Page Strategy
- Launch Emails
- Single Website Page Copy


- Brand Voice Development
- Refining Brand Message
- Social Media Content Strategy
- Brand Story

you're 90 minutes away from professional copy
that works for you. no homework required.

Ready to level up your copy?

let's do this!

Here's the thing– I used to be a teacher. I have the post-it and colored pen addiction to prove it. More importantly, I have the know-how to help you learn and implement new skills. 

I'm also something of a word junky. I've got a master's degree in Literature and I've written brilliant copy for bridal magazines, successful coaches, incredible photographers, and passionate entrepreneurs. 

With a 1:1 intensive, I put my passion and experience to work to help you develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence you deserve.

Let's learn together

two things i love:
teaching & words

Question & Answer Time:

but what about...

what's the investment for a 90-min intensive?

Good question!
A 90-minute intensive is $297. 

i have a lot to do. Can i schedule more than one call?

Of course! You can schedule additional sessions as needed. 

I'm not sure what to focus on?

The sky is the limit! Anything that involves your biz + words.

Level up and write like a pro.

unleash your copywriting power

sign me up, please!

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