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1:1 Copy Consulting

I know a deep dive into your writing skills and content strategy might not sound that exciting, but after you've experienced a 1:1 Copy Consulting call with me... you'll be popping that champagne and booking more clients.

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you're ready for your clients to understand your true value.

You want the passion in your heart and the knowledge in your head to show up on the page.

It's frustrating feeling like no one gets it. You've got this incredible transformation to offer... and it feels like your audience just doesn't understand the power of what you can actually do.

Or maybe your clients get you... but it takes FOREVER to communicate what's on your heart and in your head. You're spending half your life trying to write clear, captivating captions and engaging blog posts.

Either way, it's time for a focused and strategic copy consulting call. 

your words are valuable. 
the words you write (that's your copy) tell people who you are, what you do, and why they need you. 

When you sit down to write, is this your reality?

Taking 1 hour to write a single Instagram caption.

Wondering if everyone else just knows more than you. 

Deleting an entire blog because you feel like it's pointless.

Second-guessing every single comment you leave on someone's post.

Feeling like your audience just doesn't understand how you're different from your competition.

It doesn't have to feel like this.

Dream with me for a minute...

What would it mean for your business, your time, and your bottom line if:

You could quickly and confidently write your social media captions.

Your ideal client understood your distinct, unique value.

You felt comfortable and authentic in the way you interact with other businesses and potential clients through comments and DMs. 

You didn't have to outsource every time you wanted to update your website.

You had the skills, the knowledge, and the confidence to write powerful copy that showcased your business's distinct value.

You knew that every word you put out into the world conveyed exactly what you wanted and connected with exactly who you wanted to reach.

all of this is possible after a 
90-minute Copy intensive.

(no joke! It's incredible what we can accomplish in 1.5 hours.)

- Olivia F., social media manager

If you’re looking to reduce time, stop questioning your writing, improve your message, and learn from a great coach, Emily Conley is YOUR GIRL!

"i stopped questioning my writing and improved my messagE!"

Here's how it works:

the process is simple & the results are impressive.

you choose an area to focus on

 This is a completely customizable experience. Maybe you want to work on specific skills, like how to write a CTA that gets tons of engagement, or maybe you want to learn how to write emails people can't wait to open! Maybe you want a second set of eyes on your freebie before you launch it. Or you need help writing killer headlines for your blogs. The sky's the limit, girl!

we dive in with a 90-min call

I'll look over any provided materials or projects ahead of time, so we'll dive straight into learning and problem-solving from the very beginning. We'll go over skills, techniques, and exercises to help you develop your mindset and grow your skill set. It's amazing what we can get done in an hour and a half! Oh, also... I'm pretty fun and sometimes hilarious. So this won't be like school.

You get 7 days of voxer support

You know how annoying it is when you can't think of a question to ask someone until you've hung up the phone? That won't happen to you here! I follow up every 90-minute call with a full week of Voxer support, so when you're working on your writing project and run into a roadblock or need someone to bounce ideas off of, I'm still around. It's like having a really helpful fly buzzing about. 

you're 90 minutes away from the confidence and skills to communicate clearly & effectively with your dream clients

Ready to level up your copy?

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Here's the thing– I used to be a teacher. I have the post-it and colored pen addiction to prove it. More importantly, I have the know-how to help you learn and implement new skills. 

I'm also something of a word junky. I've got a master's degree in Literature and I've written brilliant copy for bridal magazines, successful coaches, incredible photographers, and passionate entrepreneurs. 

With a 1:1 intensive, I put my passion and experience to work to help you develop the skills, knowledge, and confidence you deserve.

Let's learn together

two things i love:
teaching & words

Question & Answer Time:

but what about...

what's the investment for a 90-min intensive?

Good question!
A 90-minute intensive is $297. 

i have a lot to do. Can i schedule more than one call?

Of course! You can schedule additional sessions as needed. 

I'm not sure what to focus on. what can we cover?

Anything involving words! Email sequences, website pages, captions...

Level up and write like a pro.

unleash your copywriting power

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